JRR M130 Development ECU Kit

JRR M130 Development ECU Kit
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Price: $5,210.00
Product ID : JRR 000-M130Dev
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JRR Development ECU Kit for MoTeC M130

  • Purchase price includes M130 ECU, M130 development license, Level 2 logging

  • Price also includes 6 hours of package Build time by JRR, a $900 value!!!!

  • Once the included time has been used by the client, any additional time required in the future will be billed at $75/hr (half price)

  • This is a perfect opportunity to take the plunge into the full freedom and power of the M1 system, and have software custom tailored to your application!!

How it works:

Typically I will start with either the MoTeC GPR package or my JRR Universal Motorsport package as a base. I then add/modify/remove features as requested by the customer. I have many application specific packages already available, with different features in them. You are welcome to look through those packages and pick features you would like in your custom package. The more existing JRR features that are utilized, the quicker your package will come together! However if you have new ideas, controls, or strategies you would like to try, that is welcome also! Some of the more popular items that are currently done and readily available are:
  • Flex fuel control
  • Water injection with failsafe
  • Auto trans brake control with staging bump
  • Two stage nitrous control
  • Paddle air shift control for sequential gearbox
  • Air bypass anti lag
  • Turbo shaft speed/inlet pressure control
  • Subaru DCCD diff control
  • Mitsubishi ACD diff control
  • Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS/Toyota 86 OEM CAN (build a custom package for an engine swap, keep the OEM body electronics happy)
  • Lotus Elise/Exige OEM CAN
  • Subaru STi 2008+ OEM CAN (currently in beta testing)
  • Multiple PDMs
  • The list will continue to grow and be updated!

**A note on the included time: This is for programming a package to your specification using MoTeC M1 Build. Starting with GPR and modifying from there is not required however it is highly recommended to maximise your time. It is my goal that you will have a package to use on your vehicle before your free time runs out. However the more complex and off the wall the feature requests are, the more difficult this becomes. Spend your time wisely! It also does not include any OEM CAN data harvesting or interpretation. If you would like OEM CAN data (that I do not already have available to supply) added to your package it will need to be supplied in a usable format or we can schedule separately the gathering and handling of this CAN data.**

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