Some applications require the addition of many sensors and peripheral devices, using up all of the available inputs and outputs. And sometimes a logging device or engine management system is chosen based on current needs and when those requirements change it is necessary to expand. It is not practical to replace a system each time some extra parts are needed, so that is where expanders can be helpful.

MoTeC offers a number of different expansion modules to suit most applications. Some devices are simply for sensor input expansion, some for output expansion and some for both.

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MoTeC Ignition Expander
Product ID : JRR IGN EX
MoTeC Traction Control Multiplexer
Product ID : JRR TC MUX
MoTeC E888 Input/Output Expander
Product ID : JRR E888
MoTeC Drive by Wire 4 Expander
Product ID : JRR DBW4
MoTeC E816 Input/Output Expander
Product ID : JRR E816
MoTeC Synchronous Versatile Input Module
Product ID : JRR SVIM