John Reed Racing performs the highest quality calibration of MoTeC engine management systems, data acquisition, and power management devices. We are known for coming up with unique solutions to problems, for our diagnostic ability and have worked on some of the fastest and most powerful cars on the planet across a wide variety of motorsport diciplines. From rally to drag racing, road racing, land speed and fast street cars, we have the background and knowledge to dial in your system to help you achieve your goals! 

I specialize in building custom firmware packages for the MoTeC M1 ECU system to fit specific needs or to develop kits for your business to market and sell.

I offer my services worldwide both at the track or at a workshop, and I also offer remote calibration under specific circumstances. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your project and your needs. 

Currently I only sell and support MoTeC System Electronics. It is the only brand I will run in my own car, so it is only right that it is the only brand of electronics I would recommend you run in yours. There are plenty of other places that will sell you whatever has the biggest margins or highest sales volume because of cheap prices.

On Location Calibration: $1200.00/day  Travel days: $300/day (10hr workday, dyno/flight/lodging not included)

Local Calibration (Oregon/Washington): $120/hr (dyno and travel not included)

Remote Calibration: $85/hr

MoTeC M1 Build programming: $150/hr (for development ECUs, inquire for partner package programming)


John Tuning Lambo