MoTeC M1 License - JRR Evo 4G63

MoTeC M1 License - JRR Evo 4G63
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Price: $700.00
Product ID : JRR 23174
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Yes (+$400.00)


JRR Mitsubishi Evolution 4G63 Rally firmware license for MoTeC M1 ECU

  • You can purchase just the JRR Evo 4G63 Rally firmware license - no ECU purchase required!

  • Perfect for MoTeC dealers or those who already own an M1 and want to run this firmware.

  • This firmware is developed for rally applications, but is also well suited for circuit/time attack cars and modified street cars.

  • Paddleshift gearbox control version available

  • Available for the M130 and M150 ECU. M170 and M190 versions available by special order.

This firmware is based upon MoTeC GPR package with the following changes:

  • Add ACD active differential control - controls differential directly from the ECU, no extra modules needed!!

  • Add flex fuel control - adjust fuel, timing, boost based upon ethanol content

  • Rally ALS with 3 tables that can be selected with a driver switch. Also features integrated air bypass control for improved ALS performance (with appropriate hardware)

  • Boost control system allows incorporating turbo shaft speed and turbo compressor inlet pressure into the strategy.

  • Supports use of momentary buttons or MoTeC CAN keypad as inputs for various driver switching functions (boost/ALS/diff/fuel/timing/throttle/etc trims)

  • Supports standard cable throttle and OEM stepper idle valve OR also supports drive by wire (highly recommended)

  • Knock control, with per cylinder trims, is included. 

  • Firmware is specific to the engine/model selected. To change to a different engine requires purchasing a different firmware license. Multiple firmware licenses can be installed on a single ECU.

  • This firmware is for closed course competition vehicles only. It does not meet federal emissions requirements.

Base Calibrations - For start up only. Proper tuning is required for your car. Use at your own risk!!!

George Plsek - MoTeC M150 w/ JRR 4G63 rally package                                            

Plsek OTR


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