Toyota Corolla AE86 Rally Car

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This will be the hardest vehicle sale I have ever made, especially now that I have been driving it again. But better in the hands of someone who has the time and resources to rally it, rather than collecting the wrong kind of dust in my garage.

Asking price of $20,000. Payment via cash, cashiers check or wire transfer. Oregon title in hand.


  • 1986 Corolla AE86 chassis
  • Toyota 3S-GE "Beams Blacktop" 2.0L engine. 210hp, dual variable cam, drive by wire. It makes around 195hp at the wheels on the dyno.
  • Toyota 6spd transmission
  • OS Giken clutch with light flywheel (2 rallies since new)
  • Koyo radiator (1 rally since new)
  • Setrab oil cooler
  • Volvo Dana rear end, 4.72, welded diff (1 rally since fully rebuilt with all new parts including ring and pinion)
  • Full 4 link (1 rally since all new links and heims)
  • JVAB 40mm front struts (two rallies since new, never been wet)
  • JVAB 50mm front struts (brand new, never installed)
  • T3 front lower control arms
  • T3/Wilwood front brake kit
  • Carbotech brake pads all around
  • Tilton hanging pedals with Toyota DBW throttle pedal
  • MoTeC M130 engine management with on-board data logging
  • MoTeC PDM30 power distribution - no fuses or relays in car save for master power relay
  • MoTeC CDL3 dash display
  • MoTeC CAN keypad
  • Sensors on most of the engine vitals including individual cylinder air/fuel ratio using dual MoTeC LTC-D
  • Injector Dynamics ID725cc injectors
  • Dual Aeromotive Stealth fuel pumps (can be selected by driver or spare is automatically deployed in the event of a drop in fuel pressure)
  • Monit co-driver rally computer
  • Peltor intercom, wired to vehicle power
  • New (1 rally old) Sparco Evo seats
  • Safecraft onboard fire system (gauge shows good but overdue for a recharge, though scrutineer only required the handheld extiguishers, which are new as of last year).
  • Primitive spill kit (new last year)
  • Current log book (ran ARA Oregon Trail 2017)
  • Street legal, registered

Seat belts are out of date, but I will include a new set of the Sparco HANS belts for the buyer, if car is purchased at asking price.

There is quite a bit of stuff in the spares kit, brakes, suspension, transmission, radiator and more misc parts than I care to attempt to type out. It also has about 10-12 14" Toyota wheels, some with decent rally tires and some with some very used up tires. It also has a set of  Celica Supra 14" wheels with street tires (seen in pics).

The car also comes with a brand new, never installed, dry carbon rear hatch with Lexan rear window. It was done custom for me by a friend, and is really cool. It weighs about 11lbs, and a good percentage of that is actually the window (stock hatch is a portly 40+lbs).

The car is really fun, quick and easy to drive. It was my first rally car, and had better finishes than I probably deserved because of just how good it works.

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