MoTeC M1 Firmware - JRR Universal Motorsport

JRR Universal Motorsport firmware license for MoTeC M1 ECU

  • If you are a MoTeC dealer or already own an M1 ECU, you can purchase just the firmware license - no ECU purchase required

  • This firmware is our version of MoTeC GPR, which is a generic firmware package suitable for most motorsport applications that do not require OE CAN integration. JRR Universal Motorsport is an exact copy of GPR, to which we then add JRR developed features and strategies to.
  • JRR Universal Motorsport firmware package is the foundation of our platform and engine specific packages that we offer.
  • Available for the M130 and M150 ECU. M170 and M190 version available by special order

  • A paddle shift gearbox control version of this firmware is also available - based on MoTeC GPR-P

This firmware is based upon MoTeC GPR package and includes the following additional features:

  • Two stage nitrous control has been extensively revised to allow greater setup flexibility for drag race applications as well as for spool on turbocharged engines.

  • Water injection control - with failsafe for boost/timing/fuel based on pressure sensor feedback

  • Boost aim strategy has been revised to make setup easier when using gear, vehicle speed or time to define boost aim
  • Two traction control strategies - drive speed calculated from gear ratio and engine speed (GPR) and drive versus driven measured speed (M800) which better supports applications using torque converters 
  • Dual transbrake outputs - for higher current draw solenoids
  • Transbrake bump also has a programmable creep feature
  • Line lock control with engine speed limiter
  • Cruise control
  • Latch function on fuel composition sensor
  • Engine starter function, including one touch auto start
  • Warning and engine protection based on fuel injector duty cycle
  • Air bypass anti-lag control - for increased ALS performance (when used with appropriate engine hardware)

  • Supports the use of third party lambda controllers with 0-5v output

  • Ride height inputs
  • Supports momentary buttons

  • Supports direct input from a Racegrade IMU
  • Supports direct input from a MoTeC/Racegrade CAN keypad

  • Like anything, the MoTeC M1 requires knowledge and experience to gain the best results. While we are happy to answer technical questions, purchase of this M1 firmware does not come with unlimited tuning support. We can quote tuning for your particular setup, refer you to someone in your area, or if you prefer to do it yourself (and lack the experience) then we can also quote training.

  • This firmware is for closed course competition vehicles only. It does not meet federal emissions requirements.

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