Can-Am X3 Turbo C12x Full PNP Kit

John Reed Racing

JRR 880-5225

JRR Can-Am X3 Turbo C12x Full PNP Kit

  • This PNP kit fits 2019+ Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo models
  • The OE display is removed when using this kit
  • This kit will work on 2017-2018 models, though installation on these models requires changing a connector on the OE wiring loom (replacement connector supplied when required).
    • This kit is not recommended for use with the OE ECU. The JRR M130 PNP kit has integrated support for this kit, to maintain correct operation of the DPS.
    • The Input/Output enable option is included. This adds 6 AV inputs, 2 AT inputs and 4 outputs for adding additional sensors/devices. The 12 pin DTM spare connector simplifies connecting additional sensors and components.
    • An optional Racegrade CAN keypad will plug into the 4 pin DT connector. Other CAN devices can be wired to this connector as well.
    • Spare connector for Izze Racing CAN based infrared temperature sensors standard
    • Spare connector for GPS and camera standard
    • Supports adding a wide variety of CAN based sensors/devices such as wideband lambda, EGT modules, infrared/belt temp, IMU, CAN expanders, camera, GPS, etc
    • Logging option enables the 120MB internal data logging memory

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