Chevrolet Corvette C7 M182 PNP Kit


JRR RG.KT.0011

MoTeC Chevrolet Corvette 2015-2019 MoTeC M182 PNP Kit

  • This kit fits 2015-2019 Chevrolet Corvette vehicles, with manual or automatic transmission
  • This full standalone kit includes the M182 ECU, C7 Corvette firmware and PNP adapter. The M182 kit plugs right in to your Corvette, replacing the OE ECU, and includes a customized start up calibration

  • Full integration with stock systems including: fuel pump control, cam control, oil pressure regulator, traction control, etc.
  • Full integration with OE dash display, ABS system, stability control, cruise control, body electronics

  • Preconfigured onboard knock control for each cylinder using the OEM sensors. This can be tuned with multiple center frequencies
  • Configurable closed loop alternator control via PWM output and feedback signal
  • Preconfigured closed loop idle control with drive by wire actuation
  • Flex fuel control - adjust fuel, timing, boost, cold start and more based upon ethanol content

  • Optionally configurable port injectors for secondary injection
  • Configurable anti-lag for single turbo variants with ignition timing limit, fuel volume trim, ignition cut, fuel cut, engine speed limit, boost aim, and throttle aim tables

  • PWM control for coolant pump on LT4 variation

  • Configurable launch control tables

  • Traction control with tables for aim main, aim compensation, control range
  • Boost control with single wastegate actuator

  • Nitrous control with single nitrous solenoid
  • Like anything, the MoTeC M1 requires knowledge and experience to gain the best results. While we are happy to answer technical questions, purchase of this M1 kit does not come with unlimited tuning support. We can quote tuning for your particular setup, refer you to someone in your area, or if you prefer to do it yourself (and lack the experience) then we can also quote training.

  • This ECU kit is for closed course competition vehicles only. It does not meet federal emissions requirements.

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