RaceGrade OTC Serial to CAN


JRR RG.DV.0325.01

The RaceGrade OTC-E v2 converts serial data to CAN data and is typically used to connect a serial output GPS to a CAN bus. It allows any combination of CAN bus and serial data speed rates listed below. The serial connection will directly connect to a MoTeC L10 (38,400kbps) or L5 (19,200kbps) GPS device. Additionally, the OTC-E provides the correct 5v power supply for these GPS devices.

Using RaceGrade Manager v2.05 or higher, this module can be reprogrammed by the end-user in the field using a Peak Systems P-CAN USB to CAN interface. The user can change serial or CAN bus speeds and update firmware if required.

The CAN data has been specifically qualified to deliver data to the ‘GPS Async’ template found in MoTeC Dash managers. This data is also compatible with the MoTeC STC receive in MoTeC M1 ECUs.

Collections: CAN Devices

Type: CAN Device

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