MoTeC E888 CAN Expander


JRR E888

MoTeC’s E888 expander module is designed to increase the input/output capacity of MoTeC products.

With CAN connectivity and a number of configurable inputs and outputs, they provide customers with greater flexibility to add sensors, customize channels and control more auxiliary functions.


  • 8 x analogue voltage inputs, 10 bit (4.9 mV) resolution 0 to 5V, suitable for potentiometers, voltage output sensors and variable resistance (temperature) sensors
  • 8 x thermocouple inputs, 1 °C resolution suits K type thermocouples (-200 to 1250 °C)
  • 2 x cold junction compensation thermistor inputs
  • 4 x digital inputs with frequency measurement and switched capability
  • 2 x switch inputs
  • Update rate for all inputs 200 Hz, for a second expander 50 Hz


  • 8 x PWM outputs individually controllable for frequency and duty cycle.


  • CAN bus used for communicating to the data acquisition, display or ECU and to the PC during calibration and firmware upgrades

Collections: CAN Devices

Type: CAN Device

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