MoTeC M1 Firmware - JRR Toyota 2JZ

JRR Toyota 2JZ firmware license for MoTeC M1 ECU

  • If you are a MoTeC dealer or already own an M1 ECU, you can purchase just the firmware license - no ECU purchase required

  • This firmware may be purchased for either the standard 2JZ crank and cam pattern (12, 1) or the VVTi pattern (36-2, 3). Please note that you cannot switch to the other package without purchasing a second license, nor can you run any other crank or cam trigger combination

  • Our Universal Motorsport firmware package contains all the same features as the Toyota 2JZ package, but any supported trigger pattern, firing order, and cylinder count may be selected. It is more costly, but an option for those who want this package but have a non OE trigger pattern
  • Targeted package specific to one engine saves money versus buying GPR

  • Available for the M130 and M150 ECU. M170 and M190 version available by special order

This firmware is based upon MoTeC GPR package and includes the following features:

  • Flex fuel control - adjust fuel, timing, boost, cold start and more based upon ethanol content

  • Features both the engine speed based traction control from GPR and also wheel speed differential traction control (similar to the M800) for guys running automatic transmissions or any other setup where slip between the engine and the drive wheels exists.
  • Supports running two separate fuel systems - each running a different type of fuel

  • Two stage nitrous control - various parameters supplied to control nitrous. Includes nitrous bottle heater relay control based on nitrous pressure

  • CO2/wastegate pressure control - controls a fill/bleed solenoid setup to control wastegate pressure

  • Water injection control - with failsafe for boost/timing/fuel based on pressure sensor feedback

  • Air bypass anti-lag control - for increased ALS performance (when used with appropriate engine hardware)

  • Trans brake bump and creep feature
  • Boost control system allows incorporating turbo shaft speed and turbo compressor inlet pressure into the control strategy

  • Expanded warning and safety system including fuel injector duty cycle
  • Supports the use of third party lambda controllers with 0-5v output

  • Cruise control - if equipped or converted to drive by wire throttle
  • Supports momentary buttons

  • Supports direct input from a MoTeC/Racegrade CAN keypad

  • Supports direct input from MoTeC/Racegrade IMU
  • The lower price (compared to GPR) is due to this firmware being locked to the OE engine (unless otherwise noted). Locking is done by hard coding the crank and cam trigger pattern, cylinder number and firing order in the firmware. To change to a different engine or non stock trigger pattern requires purchasing a different firmware license. Multiple firmware licenses can be installed on a single ECU.

  • Like anything, the MoTeC M1 requires knowledge and experience to gain the best results. While we are happy to answer technical questions, purchase of this M1 firmware does not come with unlimited tuning support. We can quote tuning for your particular setup, refer you to someone in your area, or if you prefer to do it yourself (and lack the experience) then we can also quote training.

  • This firmware is for closed course competition vehicles only. It does not meet federal emissions requirements.

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