Polaris RZR Pro R M130 PNP Expansion Loom

John Reed Racing

JRR 985-5960

Plug and play standardized expansion loom for 2022+ Polaris Pro R models with JRR M130 PNP kit. 

Pre-wired for oil pressure, fuel pressure, flex fuel, fan relay trigger and staged injection/spare outputs. 

The following lengths are standard. Minor length changes can be made at no extra charge. Custom versions can also be suppled - cost will depend on changes required.

  • Staged injection/spare output DTM: 8"
  • Relay trigger DTM: 16"
  • Flex fuel: 20"
  • Fuel pressure: 26"
  • Oil pressure: 46"

Collections: Polaris UTV

Type: PNP Looms

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