Seehorn Rally Team 2018

October 18, 2018

Seehorn Rally Team Wins Second Championship in a Row

Seehorn Rally Team have won the 2018 American Rally Association Limited Open 4WD class this season, making driver Jeff Seehorn and co-driver Karen Jankowski the first two-time class champions in the series. They also finished 2nd in the overall season championship, which considers all classes (including the higher spec open class cars), an improvement from 3rd overall in 2017.

Being the top privateer team in the American Rally Association for the second year in a row is an extremely difficult achievement and not possible without a solid team, car, and sponsors. With 5 wins in 6 events this season, the team continued to show their consistency while being able to capitalize on upgrades made to the car. This season a Samsonas sequential gearbox and Reiger suspension were added to their Subaru STi to increase performance, and each upgrade gained the team a couple seconds per mile in pace. In class, the team won every stage they completed this season!

Congratulations to Jeff and Karen as well as their crew behind the scenes - Isaac Fish, Matt Fish, Jennifer Fish, Rex Bethune, Matt Turner, Forest Wilde, Tristan Seehorn, Stan Seehorn, and Lynn Seehorn - on another amazing season! Thank you for choosing JRR and MoTeC for your engine electronics package, and we look forward to 2019!

Seehorn Rally Team runs a JRR MoTeC M150 PNP kit in their 2015 Subaru STi. This is our standard kit, which plugs into the factory wiring loom and supports all OE functionality. We optionally added fuel pressure, oil pressure and exhaust lambda sensors to provide additional information for mapping of the engine as well as protection strategies. In addition, we supplied the kit with a PNP pigtail for connecting the DCCD (Subaru active center differential) components directly to the M150. Our Subaru firmware package allows full mapping of the center differential from the M1 Tune software, providing a cost effective yet powerful tool which the team has used to full effect the past two seasons.




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