Ryan Tuerck's Judd V10 Toyota GR Supra

October 14, 2020

It has been hard to keep the exciting news secret this summer, but I can finally share the home for Ryan Tuerck's Judd V10 engine - the new Toyota GR Supra! Ryan has talked about a F1 engine swap for as long as I have known him, so it is awesome to see him finally realizing his dream. As a lifetime Toyota nerd, this swap is a bit extra cool not just because it is going into a Supra chassis, but also the Yamaha F1 V10 was based on the Judd F1 V10 of the era, which is what this engine is descended from. Yamaha of course have had a hand in many of Toyota's most iconic engines over the years, so it is a neat bit of history for this build. JRR will be supplying the electronics package for this car, including a MoTeC M150 ECU with JRR firmware, a MoTeC PDM30 power management device, a MoTeC C1212 color display/logger with custom layouts using the Display Creator software option they offer, and a full motorsport wiring harness. The engine has already been run on the engine dyno using the M150 ECU, and makes around 750bhp at 11,000 rpm. It sounds as amazing as you might imagine. Subscribe to Ryan's YouTube for a 14 part build series starting 10/18/2020, and check out the video and a few pictures from the initial release below:

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