Yamaha YXZ1000R MoTeC

Yamaha YXZ1000R MoTeC

by John Reed October 02, 2018

This article was written back when the YXZ1000R PNP kit was originally released, but it is still a good source of information for potential buyers wanting to learn more, so it has made the move to the new website.

I have recently released the MoTeC M1 plug and play engine management system for the Yamaha YXZ1000R, which brings a new level of engine control to this vehicle.

In a market well supported by reprogramming the OE ECU, many owners are likely unfamiliar with the capabilities of the MoTeC M1 ECU (and wonder why they would even want or need one). I will outline some of the features of the M1 YXZ software package, and also cover why it makes a good long term engine control investment for many YXZ owners.

A quick note about the components that make up the MoTeC M1. There is the hardware (the actual ECU you get to hold in your hands and show off to your friends) and then the software (also called firmware or "package").

  • The hardware is generic, and it is selected based on how many inputs and outputs you need for your setup. Most common on the YXZ is the M130 ECU, which has enough I/O to handle all of the stock vehicle functions while allowing the addition of common sensors and output devices.
  •  This software "package" has been written specific to the YXZ. It controls the OE dash, differentials, power steering, even the seat belt light and parking brake buzzer exactly like the OE ECU did (which you can remove). In addition to this there are many other features and controls which the OE ECU cannot do. Some are generic motorsport control strategies, and some are specific to the YXZ. MoTeC YXZ owners have input into the features in this software package.

The first main advantage of the M1 versus a stock ECU is you always have full control of your tuning. You are not locked out of anything, and you can connect any Windows laptop with a simple Ethernet cable (using the free MoTeC M1 Tune software). No sending your ECU off and hoping that the "canned" tune is ideal for your particular setup, your type of driving, or even your personal preference. If you are not a tuner, that is ok too. It is far easier to find qualified MoTeC tuners all over the world, than it is to find places that can reprogram the OE ECU. If you are out racing, sending your ECU in during a race weekend is not a option, not to mention the cost and down time associated with sending your ECU back each time a change is needed.

Screenshot of YXZ software showing a sample ignition timing map:

For turbocharged cars, built in boost control is a huge advantage. Boost can be controlled against many channels, but most common is based on gear, throttle position, coolant temp (for engine protection), air temp (for engine protection), elevation (to prevent turbo over-speed). This is all included and built into the software. You simply connect your boost control solenoid to the M1 and start tuning! You can also add a switch to the dash to change boost settings on the fly.

Just a few of the options relating to boost control, targets and limits:

The M1 supports most any fuel injector - size does not matter! Input the flow and offset data for your new injectors (supplied by any quality injector supplier) and you are off and running. Also supported is running two injectors per cylinder. Keep the stock ones (for ease of installation or optimum drive ability) and then add a second set of larger injectors to have enough flow for high power turbo applications. Blending between the two sets is handled seamlessly by the ECU, and you can program what percentage of each set is used. 

Flex fuel is also supported - a flex fuel sensor can be installed which allows blending between gasoline and and any percentage of ethanol you put in the tank. Another feature is the ability to run two separate fuel systems. You could leave the stock fuel system alone, running on pump gas. Then install a second fuel system with a small tank holding race fuel, feeding a second set of injectors. The M1 can then be programmed to bring on this second set of injectors only under boost. The transition is seamless, and it allows race gas power without wasting it just cruising around. 

Picture showing the basic injector data and the table which defines how much of the total fuel flow is from the secondary injectors:

Need more spark? Programming the M1 to handle different ignition coils is no problem at all.

Data logging is a huge advantage in most any situation, and is yet another area the M1 excels. Recreational users can keep an eye on things and make sure the investment they have made in engines and other parts is well protected. Racers can use it for the same, but also to seek out optimum performance from both the vehicle and themselves. The M130 has 125Mb of on-board data memory, and comes standard with 100 fixed channels (basic tuning and diagnostic data). This can be expanded to a user definable 200 or 2000 channels, as needed. Upgrades can be handled via email - sending the unit in is not required. 

Data log screen shots showing just a glimpse of the available data on the typical YXZ setup:

One of the most unique features of the YXZ in this market segment is the sequential transmission. The M1 also offers some powerful tools to support this transmission. Basic items include the ability to add sensors for transmission temperature and pressure. More advanced features included gear shift cut - using a switch or load cell to allow full throttle shifting without lifting the throttle or using the clutch. This is not a simple cut, it is an advanced level motorsport control that begins the cut when the gear lever is pulled. It then monitors the gear position sensor on the transmission and does not end the cut until the transmission is in the next gear. This will help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the transmission, even when shifting very fast under full power. All aspects of the cut control are fully programmable by the end user. Paddle shift is also supported. You can connect paddles and a shift actuator to the M1 and it can be setup to operate it all (including shifting it automatically under certain conditions, if desired). 

Data log showing transmission shift cut in operation:

There are so many features, that the length of this post would be prohibitively long to cover them all. Some of them include:

  • Launch control - Armed based on vehicle speed, clutch switch, or other options. Works extremely well for building boost on turbo cars.
  • Anti Lag - useful on turbo vehicles to help maintain boost in off throttle situations - for course racing or if you have to do a throttle chop up a dune and get back in it the lag is all but eliminated.
  • Knock control - add a knock sensor and get extra protection when running turbo cars on pump gas
  • Nitrous control
  • Lap Timing - add a GPS and record your lap times and also do full track mapping in the data logging
  • There is much more, and it expands with each revision

If you have questions or comments, please contact us.

John Reed
John Reed


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