MoTeC M1 Firmware: JRR Formula Drift Pro

JRR Formula Drift Pro firmware license for MoTeC M1 ECU

  • If you are a MoTeC dealer or already own an M1 ECU, you can purchase just the firmware license - no ECU purchase required

  • This is the spec MoTeC M1 firmware for Formula Drift Pro

Base Calibrations:

This firmware is based upon JRR Universal Motorsport and includes the following changes:

  • Transient ignition timing trim added

  • Dual boost servo control added

  • FD spec CAN protocol added

  • Traction control removed

  • Functionality not related to FD has been removed - air conditioning, auto trans control, torque control, drag race features, etc
  • Like anything, the MoTeC M1 requires knowledge and experience to gain the best results. While we are happy to answer technical questions, purchase of this M1 firmware does not come with unlimited tuning support. We can quote tuning for your particular setup, refer you to someone in your area, or if you prefer to do it yourself (and lack the experience) then we can also quote training.

  • This firmware is for closed course competition vehicles only. It does not meet federal emissions requirements.

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